Yoke Spreader Bar – Standard Hi-Lift (SY02HL)

Yoke Spreader Bar – Standard Hi-Lift (SY02HL)

Product Information

The Allegro Concepts range of standard patient lifting hoists includes:
• Alto Lift (SWL 200kg)
• Sonata (SWL 150kg)
• Sonata ELS (SWL 150kg)

These three heavy duty hoists are available with a choice of 6 different sling attachment options. Achieve quality patient transfers by selecting the fitting which best suits your client or healthcare facility. Factors which may determine choice of sling attachment include:
• Physical attributes of patients eg. weight, disability
• Level of staff training eg. competence with complex lifting procedures
• Necessity to interface with existing equipment eg. beds, wheelchairs

Allegro Concepts Hoist Accessories are designed and manufactured in Australia, with a view to providing healthcare facilities with customized patient transfer packages that meet the needs of each individual clients.

• 2 sling attachment points at extremity of slightly curved yoke bar
• Use with general purpose (loop attachment) slings
• Padded vinyl cover with velcro closure

Available on: Alto, Sonata & Sonata ELS

Indications: Where lifting height of specified hoist is insufficient (increases lifting height by 80mm)

Useful for: Reducing the loss of lifting height when installing an Allegro Universal Weighing Device