Slide Latest Product ALTO MKII 200 • Safe working load of 200kg
• A medium sized heavy duty mobile patient lifting hoist and a compact ergonomic design
• Provides superior patient lift space through the use of SPACE LINK™ technology
• For institutional use or home care where a high capacity lift is required
Slide Latest Product Self Power Pivot Frame with

Integrated Weigh Scale
• Self-powered patient positioning, no power required frothe m hoist
• Monitor patiwell-beingeing with no loss of hoist lifting height
• Universal application, easily adaptable to any style of a patient hoist
• Controlled via buthe tton on Pivot Frame handle
• Removable battery for charging
• Use with pivot (white plastic clip and E-Clip attachment) slings
• Non-absorbent polyurethane padding
Slide Latest Product Care Slings • Allegro General Purpose Slings are designed to be simple and safe to use for both home and institutional patient lifting

• Slings may only be applied to lifting hoists fitted with a yoke attachment

• Excellent for transfers onto a toilet as it provides an open area from the middle of the back to the middle of the thigh

• Recommended for general toilet transfers

• The slings are manufactured from polyester fabric or mesh

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